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Meet The Owners


The Faces Behind Your Special Event

My name is Quiana, and I am the proud owner and founder of Room Qui, LLC. As a mommy to my beautiful, intelligent, and already entrepreneurial-spirited young daughter, and with God’s calling, I was led to become a business owner.


I aspire to be a strong example of an entrepreneurial leader for my baby, while also creating generational wealth, breaking generational curses, and removing barriers and obstacles impeding our abilities to be successful as young black women in leadership. And, with that, I am proudly serving in this capacity with my daughter by my side as my business partner.



I have been a service-oriented leader in my profession and in the community for over 11 years. With a passion for helping and uplifting others, it is my mission to help people to celebrate the key moments of their lives. We are here to ensure that you create memorable experiences for you and your loved ones. Additionally, we aim to pour into and elevate local businesses by promoting their services to our clients as well.

“If you can be successful in business while changing someone’s life for the better, there is nothing more gratifying.” 

– Julie Agner-Clark, Founder of Baby Einstein

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